Martin Wickramasinghe (1890 - 1976)

Koggala Malalagam, Martin Wickramasinghe was a prominent scholar of Sinhala literature. He was born on May 20, 1880. He received his primary education at Bonavista College, Galle, and was a gifted scholar. He later voluntarily mastered the ancient and English languages. Thus, at an early age, he was able to study the works of philosophers, archaeologists, historians, and evolutionists.

"Editor-in-Chief of Dinamina Silumina Newspapers Daru Wickramasinghe's first book was Ova Sinamini. His first novel was published in 1914 by Leela. Is.

'Sode' (1920), Asirangani (1923), Sita '(19230,' Mirigudiya '(1925), Unmada Chithra (1928), Rohiya' (1929), 'Viragaya' (1940), "Gamperaliya ”(1944), Yuganthaya (1949) Wickramasinghe Suhu was also the first Sinhala writer to compile a collection of novels called 'Kaliyuga'.

Wickramasinghe Surin has also written a number of poses that will help children develop an interest in reading and cognition. Agasgama, 'Science Fun Stories', 'Literary Discipline', 'Animal Week' and 'From Birth' are some examples of this. Except for a 'woman', Hazna Sakki King 'and' slaves' are superior to Wickramasinghe

Setikata codes that take place. "He is the author of Yedara and Charikadarya stories," Zakaria is stoned "," My story "," are other old writings. The short story series 'The Wave and the Afterlife' and Mekuma Martin Wickramasinghe are enough to create a local tradition of criticism.

A writer who made a hand. Works such as The Rise of Sinhala Literature (1946), New Sinhala (1957) Literature ',' Bi-Story Literature ',' Poetry Criticism ',' Hi Gee ',' Jatha Katha Vimasuma ', Sinhala Novel and Japanese Kama Katha Ahawanella'. Examples are. He has also written several books in English.

Buddhist Jataka Stories', 'Aspects of Sinhalese Culture', 'Buddhist and Culture', 'Bddhism and Culture', 'Revoluttini and Evalution'

Wickramasinghe has been awarded the Sahitya Suri Awards by a number of institutions including foreign universities in recognition of his contribution to the field of literature.

Martin Wickramasinghe, who was Prajad's unconditional love, finished his masterpiece Shashika and passed away on July 23, 1976.

The slave 'story' shown here is an excerpt from the slave coin.

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